“Are you ever going to open a brewery?”

“Maybe someday…”

After years of homebrewing, multiple competition wins, watching friends successfully launch their own meaderies and breweries, and friends and family constantly asking “when are you going to open one?” and answering with “maybe Someday,” we realized “It is time for Someday!” With over a decade of experience and a true passion for the craft, we are excited to be Grosse Pointe Woods’ first meadery and microbrewery. Emphasis on micro – Someday is a small, family (and friends, “framily” if you will) run business, and we plan to stay that way for a while.

Our focus is small batch, hand crafted, quality made mead and beer. We specialize in IPAs, stouts, and lagers and melomels (fruited) and traditional meads. You can check out our current, and past, products on our Beers & Meads page.

We look forward to meeting you over a beverage soon!

What is mead?

Mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage known to man and is created by fermenting honey with water, sometimes adding fruits, spices, grains, or hops. Modern mead ranges from 4-18% ABV and are usually uncarbonated (like wine), some unique meads are sometimes carbonated.

Wall of Fame

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